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10D Tech Tip - Passwords

10D Tech Tips and Tricks plus a little humor. We are moving towards an age of complete digitization and everything is online. Hackers and intruders are also online, getting smarter and bolder.
 According to a recent Gemalto Breach Level Index report,2.5 BILLION personal records were stolen or compromised in 2017.  Compare that to 265 million stolen or compromised in 2008.   This morning I have a news report that 150 million more were stolen because bad guys found an account with a weak password and broke in, stealing personal data.  The estimated cost to fix this breach is four million dollars. That doesn’t count the lost revenue or damaged reputation. I canceled my account and then changed all of my passwords...again.
Businesses need to take security measures to avoid exposing more records. The best way to make an immediate impact is to require all employees to use password managers. A password manager, like LastPass, is the easiest solution for difficult and unique passwords. 
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